You became a clinician to help people.

You opened a clinic to make money.

But the faster you heal someone, the less money you make. It’s the Hippocratic Catch-22.

So the only way to make more money is to see more clients…but wait!

What if you could help clients AVOID problems by seeing them before it’s too late? What if you could increase your revenue by seeing people when they’re NOT in pain? This is the subscription model for care.

First, you establish a monthly subscription product. The client is charged every month for a scheduled visit to your office.

On that visit, you perform a brief assessment and ask about the client’s wellbeing. Then you help them take steps to build a margin of health and move further away from sickness. You prescribe an activity or plan for them to follow.

For example, on their January visit, you might tell a client: “If you lose ten pounds, your back pain won’t keep coming back every few months.”

Then you refer the client to a local nutritionist or dietitian, or tell them about your nutrition program.

You might tell a client in March: “If you strengthen your core muscles, you won’t keep injuring yourself when you’re moving stuff around in your garage.” And then you refer the client to a local personal trainer or CrossFit gym.

The next month, you reassess the client and make another prescription. The prescriptions don’t always have to cost the client money, but should always be the truth.

There are many examples of proactive medicine or “pre-habilitation” out there already. Some clinics run the model I just described. Others charge an annual up-front fee in excess of $10,000, and run the client through a full battery of tests over a day; then the client leaves with a prescription for nutrition and exercise. Others, like InsideTracker, are all online; they take blood tests and update a client’s health dashboard every quarter. And since blood testing is becoming far cheaper, many clinicians are including this service already.

What else can you prescribe? Well, depending on your knowledge and assets, you might prescribe:

  • Massage
  • Strength training
  • Nutrition
  • Yoga
  • Sleep assessments
  • Sauna
  • Cryotherapy
  • Supplementation


You might provide some of these in your practice, or you might refer them out to a trusted partner, and earn a referral fee. Either way, you’re doing the right thing for the client AND the right thing for your practice!