Episode 139 – The 30-Day Conversation Challenge, with Rob Connors


At Two Brain we teach three different types of marketing. We typically start with affinity marketing, or the people closest to your best clients and to you. Then we move on to organic digital which is performing the free function on social media platforms. Finally, we move on to paid digital which is paying for ads on various platforms. All of these are important, and we teach them in the Incubator. But above all, selling is what is required to grow your business.


One of the most important things we teach entrepreneurs to do is to go out and talk to other business owners around them to create connections and grow your business. Who knows, you may even be saving their life by getting them into the gym!


Today we are joined by Rob Connors. Rob and his wife Emily own Signum CrossFit and are fantastic Two Brainers. Rob and his wife Emily are great fitness coaches and they are great at connecting with people. Recently he was challenged by his mentor to get outside of his comfort zone and start connecting with others in his community. Join us as he talks about his experiences and how he has made so many important connections for his business.




2:23 – Introduction to Rob Connors

5:46 – The idea behind community outreach and making connections

12:50 – Who is the first person Rob picked to reach out to and what was the response?

13:54 – How to approach someone new regarding their business

15:30 – What is the worst response Rob has had when reaching out to other businesses

19:31 – What happens next after connecting with a business owner

23:30 – How to get started!

26:04 – How to be comfortable with asking friends and family to become a customer

29:02 – Two Brain Stories with Scott McAlee







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