At TwoBrain, we publish every day.

But you don’t have to.

Content marketing (blog posts, podcasts and videos) are critical for establishing your authority in your niche. Marketing no longer means placing ads in newspapers: now it means educating, inspiring, and sharing stories. If you have a website, you have a media platform. And to survive in a digital world, you MUST use that platform.

Here’s how to use it best.


First, you need 4-6 “Lighthouse” pieces. These should be the primary content that establishes what you do, and why you do it. You’ll use these posts or videos for years, and most new clients will see them before signing up. That means they should be made by professional writers or producers; professionally edited; and formatted with high-quality imagery and layout.


To start, find the keywords that are most searched on Google for your business. You can use these guidelines, or have a pro do this for you.

Then compare the top keywords against the amount of competition for those same phrases. If “gym t-shirt supplier” is a top search but has a LOT of competition, you can look for opportunities with other keywords.

Build “lighthouse content” titled with the top five keyword opportunities you identify.

These lighthouse pieces should start with a well-written blog post or video. Since these will be on your site for a long time, they can be longer and cover each topic thoroughly. These should be the industry standard, go-to, final-answer pieces.

Include a few testimonials or stories, but these pieces aren’t testimonials themselves. They’re the best answers to the biggest questions in a category.

Have these built by a professional. Expect to pay $500-800 per piece, depending on image licensing and the price of your writer or videographer. TwoBrain Media links to some of the best talent in the world for the whole process: identifying the best keywords, and then producing the content. That’s who I use.


Then you need smaller “long tail” pieces.

Publish as often as you can. Try to answer the questions your future clients are asking.

Find the questions in Facebook groups or Reddit threads where your clients post them. Or think about the most common questions you’re asked at your first meeting, or the ones your family asks you at Thanksgiving.

Answer these most common questions TEN TIMES EACH, every year. We call this “the power of ten”. Enthusiastic writers and videographers frequently make the mistake of trying to produce something new every time. But no one is checking your back catalog of content, and different people respond to different media. Trust me: you’ll get tired of your content before your audience does.

You can answer one question with a blog post, and then answer the same question on YouTube, and again on your podcast, and then to your email list, and then on Facebook Live and Instagram. You can even start by creating the YouTube video, and then copying the transcription into a blog post. Different people will interact with each channel.

TwoBrain Media also has some blog templates (and even swipe files for videos, photos and emails) for clients of TwoBrainBusiness to use.


Finally, you need to tell stories. In the Founder phase, you need to tell your own story. In the Farmer phase, you need to tell your clients’ stories. In the Tinker phase, you need to tell your staff’s stories. But you should spend time every week making someone famous.


Here’s an example of the media we’d recommend for a personal training business:

Lighthouse pieces (4-5)

Content establishing the trainer as the local expert on weight loss or sports training (whatever their niche)

Title the content with the best results from a keyword opportunities report

Professionally produce video, and add text from the video onto the page below it, with specific calls to action (probably a free consultation).

Then, long-tail pieces:
Find the top ten questions asked by new clients or prospective members. Use intake interview sheets; poll seed clients; and search local Facebook groups.

Shoot video responses to the top ten questions (one each). Transcribe each video to create the outline of sample blog posts. Split each blog post into two, where possible.

Share blog posts on LinkedIn, Facebook…all media channels included in the media distribution plan.

Send the blog posts out as emails to a prospective clients list.

(If this is already a dizzying amount of work, just let TwoBrain Media handle it. No problem.)

Finally, client stories:
Put one client every week on some kind of podium. Create a “we’re so proud of you!” moment. While they’re basking, hold up your camera and say: “Tell me your story. Inspire someone else.”

Share the stories liberally on your social media. Repeat the top-producing ones every month.


Since I started publishing business advice on my first blog in 2009, I’ve written over 2000 blog posts. Our YouTube Channel has hundreds of videos. We have three straight years of podcast recordings on iTunes. But here’s the great news: you don’t have to. Do the basics really well; start with the Lighthouse pieces. Then fill in the blanks!