When an entrepreneur reaches Tinker phase, she works less on her business and more on herself.

Her needs change. She needs a different type of mentorship. She needs clarity and support. She needs focus: not from the little daily stresses of owning a business, but from the huge stresses of opportunity.

Our Tinker program was built for entrepreneurs who have built a cash flow asset but want to do more. We address the larger challenges of Tinker phase in four ways, which we call the Four Cs:

  • Curation. There’s SO much content available to entrepreneurs now. Our role at TwoBrain is to filter the books, courses, videos and lessons; find the best; and deliver the right advice at the right time. One of the largest problems for entrepreneurs is overwhelm. We help Tinkers get focus.
  • Cohort.  We do three in-person meetups per year, and everyone in the room at the Tinker level. Every month, the Tinkers speak 1:1 with their mentor, and then group up on a big video call to talk about big issues together. On Facebook, Tinkers are placed in a group of their own.
  • Courses. Entrepreneurs at the Tinker level are ready to buy buildings, duplicate their first idea, acquire competitors, or move toward functional retirement. They’re also leading higher-level staff for the first time, and trying to manage their health more efficiently. The curriculum in Tinker phase includes practical courses on leadership, with actionable steps. There are step-by-step plans for fitness and spending more time in Flow State. There are calculators to help determine which investments and opportunities to pursue next. And, of course, it’s all guided by a mentor.
  • Care. We care about every person in the TwoBrain family. That care is delivered through a delicate balance of empathy and accountability. 1:1 mentorship means the mentor can help you own the problem; distance means the mentor can still see problems objectively and remove emotion from the situation. “Two Brains” means logic and empathy.


You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. I regularly spend $50-100,000 every year on mentorship, because these are the four Cs that have helped me reach my current level. And the same four Cs will get me to my NEXT level (Thief phase). The Tinker program is the culmination of the best mentorship practices I’ve experienced, plus the best mentorship practices the rest of the team has experienced, PLUS the benefit of our successes and the avoidance of our crazy expensive mistakes.

  • 3 in-person meetups per year (first is in February in Houston)
  • Monthly 1:1 calls with your Tinker mentor
  • Monthly group calls with the Tinker group for accountability
  • Private group discussion where we go DEEP
  • High-level video modules from our partners, mentor team and our own personal mentors.


We’ll have a signup link available on January 1, 2019!