In the Tinker Phase, entrepreneurs make their first business a cash flow asset, set themselves up for functional retirement, hire a management layer for their businesses, and focus on their key strengths.

A Tinker has built a business that runs itself. Now she’s trying to build another, or to duplicate her first success, or to take her first idea to a new market, or to start over with a new idea.

If she’s not given new challenges, the Tinker will probably stick her hands in the machine, constantly “tweaking” her original business until it’s broken. Some of the Tinkers in TwoBrain are turning their businesses into franchises, developing online projects, partnering with other owners, and starting second companies. Others are setting up their retirement plans and buying buildings to create cash flow assets.

Our role as mentors to Tinkers is to help them identify the next big project, and then keep them focused on it. I’ve never met a Tinker who didn’t have at least three big projects in mind. Free from their original business—and still making passive income from it—the Tinker’s greatest risk is killing the golden goose.

The Tinker’s attention must shift from developing their first business to developing themselves as a leader. That means a plan for physical activity, mental acuity, and mental training. It means peer support: “It’s lonely at the top” describes the Tinker to a capital T. It means mentorship from someone who has successfully navigated the “valley of death” created by hiring a management layer for the first time.

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The 2019 Tinker Program will include:
3 meetups per year (this year will be Houston, Chicago and *probably* San Francisco.)

A ticket to the 2019 TwoBrain Summit in Chicago

A 1:1 call per month with your Tinker mentor

A monthly group call for all Tinkers

A private Facebook group for Tinkers

In addition, you’ll get all new higher-level curriculum, special resources for you ONLY, and more!

Time to evolve as an entrepreneur!

The Tinker program is available at an introductory rate of $9000 for 2019! Click here:
(the password is ‘twobraininvite’)