You, my friend, are an expert.


Nobody knows it but you and me.


If others knew it, they’d sign up for your service. And what’s more, they’d be happy to do so, because they would know you; like you; and trust you. You would solve their greatest problem, improve their life, and let them worry about other things.


But they DON’T know it, because you don’t share your knowledge with anyone.


So they’ll sign up with your competition, even she’s not as good as you are. They see her more often; they read her blog posts; and they take action on her bad ideas. Save them!


Here’s how to get your expertise out of your head and into the hearts and minds of your clients.


Beginners (you’ve published fewer than 100 blog posts or videos)

You’re probably in the Founder Phase (take the Founder, Farmer, Tinker, Thief test here.)

Think about that chip you have on your shoulder. What’s the biggest falsehood you’d like to correct in your industry?

What did that competitor say that was flat-out wrong?

Set up your camera (your arm is all the equipment you need. Just press record.)

Limit yourself to two minutes. Tell the truth. Don’t slander anyone.

Now, let’s go to the other end of the spectrum: what’s the last question anyone asked about your service?
What’s the last headline you read in an industry magazine?

Turn the camera back on. Give people the REAL answer.

Now create a YouTube channel, and upload. Hit Publish.

Do it again tomorrow.


Intermediate – you’ve published between 100 and 500 pieces of content

Hopefully, you’re in Farmer Phase. That means your Media task is to make your Team famous.

Interview each staff member. Ask THEM the most common questions you hear in your field.

Give them a two-minute window to answer on camera.

Record, and upload.

Duplicate that content across two other channels. Cut the sound out of the video and publish it to a podcast (we use BuzzSprout to host TwoBrain Radio.)

Transcribe the podcast (BuzzSprout does it for under $4) and publish the transcription to your blog.

This strategy creates a high volume of media. Good.

You should also build 3-5 “Lighthouse” pieces. Have a professional give you a hand.


Advanced: You’ve published over 500 pieces of content

With such a large platform of credibility, you’re probably close to Tinker Phase (or at least building the authority to get there.) Your primary job in this phase is to make your clients famous, so interview them as you did your team in the previous section.

But you also need to publish your thoughts merely to get them out of your head.

You probably have so many ideas, concerns, and items on your checklist that you have a cognitive logjam.

You need to write, speak, or do something else creative just to get into Flow State. These thoughts might not be published publicly, but must be recorded just to get them out of your head. I write everything and “post” it to first. That way, it’s outside instead of inside, but not public. And I get to see streaks, scores, and even a bit of analysis.

(You can download my free “Flow State” guide here.)

Here’s what I do, as a Tinker myself:

  1. Start with the chip: what did I read or watch yesterday that needs correction?
    Luckily (for me,) there are many consultants in the fitness business who publish ideas without testing them, or without data to support the work, or without research into the field they claim to understand. I’m sure every corner of the service industry has people like this.
    You don’t need to attack anyone; you can’t build a business by tearing another one down. But you CAN publish the truth. Focus on that.
  2. Dig into my “Ideas” file. Every time I think of a problem, or make a new connection, or think of a better way to phrase a solution, I write the blog title on my phone. Yesterday I wrote five over the course of my workout.
    I keep writing until I get at least 750 words; usually more, sometimes 5x that much.
  3. Eat breakfast. Put kids on the school bus. Answer emails. Get back into Flow State if possible.
  4. Work out. Primarily aerobic (I cycle a lot these days) to reduce stress and squeeze another few hours of focus out of my brain.
  5. Nap. Almost every day, for 20 minutes. Then coffee, small carb intake, and work for 5 more hours.

Tinkers (like me) have to work on themselves as the entrepreneur more than they work on their business. So my workouts and naps and nutrition are all built around optimizing my time in Flow State. That’s where I’m most valuable. And what do I do in flow state? Create content. That’s a lot of my job now. But even if it’s not the foundation of your career, you have to publish. Do it by noon.