On this episode, we sit down with Chris Cooper, the founder of Two-Brain Business.

Nearly ten years ago, Chris ran into trouble with his first business–a CrossFit gym–and hired a mentor. He began feverishly writing down all the lessons he was learning and blogging them along his journey to help others. Hundreds of blog posts later, Chris launched his first book, Two Brain Business, which is now the bestselling fitness business book of all time! In 2016, he launched TwoBrainBusiness.com and began mentoring other gyms so they could experience the same success he had!

Today, TwoBrain spans the globe with a mentoring team of 21, over 480 gyms in the TwoBrain family, and a growing group of entrepreneurs who don’t own gyms.

Join us today as we go over how Chris started Two Brain Business, the next steps for Two Brain, and the future of the Two Brain Radio podcast!








0:44 – The founding of Two Brain Business

6:32 – Growing Two Brain Business from this point forward

10:45 – How Two Brain is helping businesses outside of CrossFit

13:52 – Where are CrossFit Gyms ahead and where are they behind?

19:21 – How can business owners get a leg up within their business?

23:50 – Long-term planning of Two Brain Business

27:59 – Leveling up the Two Brain Content

32:51 – Two Brain Stories with Josh Crill


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